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Relax, Dine & Swim with a new Alfresco in Glen Iris

Customised designs for your new Alfresco are only a phone call away with Custom Outdoor Living – Your leading Alfresco Builders in Melbourne.

When you’re standing back and looking at how functional your outdoor living areas are (especially when they are directly connected to your indoor living room areas), occasionally there comes a time when you just know something’s not right. And that’s when you call in our expert Designers and Registered Builders, who’ll reconfigure your home and bring your wishes for a better lifestyle entertainment space to fruition.

Custom Outdoor Living’s Managing Director, Matt Goodie, met with these Glen Iris owners, and set about designing and re- engineering their existing Alfresco to give them more functionality and space. “We carefully demolished the roof, removed some of the existing structural pillars, extended the framework to the fence line, and saved valuable expense by re-using some of the materials to keep the project more cost-effective.

Once we’d expanded the width of the original area with new trusses, we added a fire-rated wall on the west boundary, re-used beams and bricks, and rendered and painted the surfaces for aesthetic appeal. The proud owners were then able to install a new outdoor kitchenette, complete with bar fridge, cupboard space, and even a kitchen sink.”

Whilst the brief was to achieve a sense of simplicity, there was also a distinctive need to achieve a better energy rating for this Glen Iris home. Hence LED lighting, a ceiling fan and strip heaters were also suggested and installed.

Custom Outdoor Living, with a resounding reputation for minimising any unnecessary extra architectural costs, was also able to get Council dispensation (to meet with local guidelines and requirements) to keep the peace beyond the palings.

With the rear of the actual home facing south, and the west end of this Glen Iris Alfresco now protected from the afternoon sun, the wind and the rain, it now means that no matter what the weatherman says (and invariably tells fibs about) no longer matters.

The east end is amply screened by a glass pool fence, providing an essential natural light source to the inside living room, and the enormous palm tree beyond provides a welcome and relaxing view. And in the owners’ words, “It’s perfect!”

“At Custom Outdoor Living we customise everything we design and build to your needs and wishes.

We’ll deconstruct, reconfigure, re-engineer and build whatever it is you’re dreaming of, and always add those definitive touches to ensure that you get the extra luxurious spaces you’re after, more privacy from neighbouring properties and added protection from the elements – and all with exceptional finishes as well.”

Talk to us at Custom Outdoor Living TODAY.

After 40 years as a respected member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) we’ve got the perfect blend of ideas and solutions you’re looking for, and we’re here to make your vision become an affordable extension to your lifestyle that’s just right!

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