Timber framed Customised carports

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, there are many advantages to having a timber carport. Because of the nature of the material, wood provides designers with far more flexibility in being able to adapt the design to smaller, confined spaces.

The design of many carports in the inner suburbs, such as Richmond, have to take into account the confined space that is available. You can see an example of this from the project above.

With projects like these many of our clients know that they have Building and Town Planning issues, however they do not know where to start.

Typically we find that when we are building Carports, Verandahs, Decks, Sunrooms & Alfrescos in the inner suburbs of Melbourne like Richmond, we find property sizes are usually less than 500m2 and often come with listed Town Planning Overlays below.

Here at Pergolas R Us our team are knowledgeable in all aspects of Town Planning and Building Permit applications when dealing with building Carports, Verandahs, Decks, Sunrooms & Alfrescos in the City of Yarra municipality.

With this particular Carport in Richmond a planning application was required as the Property size was under 500m2 and it also had a Heritage Overlay.

When dealing with these applications we will submit all the proposals to council and liaise with council on your behalf during the application process, which in general takes 2-3 months from date of lodgement. We have found that the process with Council will look at issues such as site coverage, Res code compliance, Overshadowing neighbours property and the general affect on streetscape and its compliance with the Heritage Overlay.

Pergolas R Us are Builders who specialise in the consulting, design and construction of customised Carports, Verandahs, Decks, Sunrooms & Alfrescos. We are able to help you bring your proposed project from concept to reality including all of your Town Planning and Building Res Code issues.

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