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Customised your home with one of the leading Extension Builders in Melbourne

You’re curled-up in the cosy corner armchair, book in hand and bathed in sunlight. The fire’s on, the polished floorboards have a natural glow, and you wonder why you waited so long to make the call to Custom Outdoor Living to get your home extension done. You might even be considering swinging from the stunning chandelier – but that would probably be going a bit too far J.

“We love changing people’s lives at Custom Outdoor Living in Melbourne!” says Matt Goodie (Managing Director and Registered Builder). “Creating this whole new world of open and inviting living space, with a New York Hampton’s feel, for this family, was such an exciting project. The existing home was just begging to be transformed. Character-filled already, the owners wanted to see more of the outdoors from their indoors, and now their view is enhanced in a way that they had never truly imagined. Beautiful double-glazed colonial windows and doors were installed to capture as much light as possible, and the new, raked ceilings give the sense of supreme spaciousness, whilst the open walkway to the front door has now been given a new personality of its own.”

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got the space to extend your existing home, and a vision of how you’d like the transformation to look. You’ve done your homework, looked at all of the magazines, and now it’s time to find an extension builder in Melbourne to make your ideas become a reality.

The functionality of this extension in Newport was ever-important, and the unique design was heightened by using exposed beams, and the same Southern Beech timber flooring to match the tastefully-styled adjoining rooms. The high back wall, with its upper rows of windows, now streams sunshine and moonlight, making the new room ideal for entertaining or relaxing, with views from almost floor to ceiling.

“We pride ourselves on being able to make an extension look like it was always meant to be there, which is why many of our clients are drawn to Custom Outdoor Living in Melbourne. We design it with you, build it for you, and then leave you to enjoy your ‘new’ home. Here, the owners supplied the Jetmaster gas heater that’s now nestled in its hearth, and we were entrusted to install it to be compliant with all codes. With us everything is always done to proper Building Regulations – AND we’re rather fastidious about our finishes.”

If you would like to find out more about building an extension to your home, then talk to us at Custom Outdoor Living Today.

You can see some great examples of our designs by clicking here.

You’ll get a customised quotation, the benefit of our exceptional vision, the opportunity to experience how you too can improve your lifestyle – and maybe the chance to dream of swinging from that chandelier yourself!

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