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Get your dreams of a luxurious entertainment haven to come true, from one of the leading Extension Builders in Melbourne

When we asked the owners of this glorious Extension project in Oakleigh if they ‘wanted fries with that’, they replied, “Give us the entire menu!” So we did!

Feast your eyes on the list of exciting attributes that now adorn this ultimate outdoor entertainment area, complete with every functionality you could think of: there’s a bar in there, and a pizza oven as well, there’s a sauna and spa (with stories to tell). Open the stackable doors wide, bring the outdoors inside… and no it’s not Play School. This is a seriously extraordinary transformation, from a suburban backyard of an older weatherboard home on a large block of land, to a place you can truly call ‘paradise’.

Managing Director of Custom Outdoor Living, Mr. Matt Goodie, was quietly channelling Kit De Luca in Pretty Woman when he thought, “We think you got a lot of potential”, about this property. The old tin garage was removed and the partial brick wall that remained on the boundary line was extended higher to obtain a fire rating, and also to provide extra pool safety where the existing Swim Spa was concerned.

The expansive gable roof ceiling was pine lined and insulated, an exterior bar that can be served to from the inside room was installed, along with a fully functional kitchen. Skylights were also put in place to efficiently let in natural light throughout, with feature windows at the peak of the gables from two sides.

Merbau decking was used to complete the floor area (inside and out), and the stackable doors open a mountain of opportunities to let the warmth of summer just breathe through the room – with the complementary aid of an overhead ceiling fan. In the wintery weather the entire area can be enclosed, the heaters can be turned on, and the entertainment of family and friends can continue into the wee hours, under the carefully positioned LED downlights. And then there are the retractable fly screens that add to the alleviation of visits from uninvited ‘pests’ (as opposed to guests).

“One of the benefits of dealing with a company like ours, at Custom Outdoor Living, your leading Extension Builders in Melbourne, is our specialist approach. In this instance, we sent one of our Designers, Mr. Brad Volling, to peruse what was already there, consult with the owners about what they wanted, and then set to work on a design concept that could be demonstrated in virtual form, to give the family a bird’s eye view of how it would look upon completion.

And because we’re Registered Builders, as well, we were able to accurately quote on the project, make any desired design amendments, and then work around the kitchen appliances and special features that were supplied by the owners.

We’ve built our reputation on quality work, uniquely customised designs, and on completing all of the construction work, with strict adherence to ensuring all elements of the build are Regulatory and compliant with the various official building codes. In essence, we can do the lot.”

If you’re looking to add an extension to your house, then contact Custom Outdoor Living today.

Your very own tailored extension is only a phone call away.[/vc_column_text][vcex_spacing size=”60px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]