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Melbourne’s Leading Timber Pergola & Verandah Builder

Pergolas R Us is the leading timber pergola and verandah builder in the Melbourne area, supplying and building verandahs in Melbourne with twenty years’ experience helping people to improve the look and value of their homes.

Pergola & Verandah – What’s the difference?

  • A timber pergola (we don’t build metal pergolas) is an outdoor structure – without an enclosed roof.
  • A verandah is essentially a pergola structure with a fully enclosed roof.

Both pergolas and verandas can easily add to the value of your home and also to its beauty.

Pergolas are an excellent way to bring a “nothing” part of your home alive. They add a touch of class and style. They can also add functionality by providing a way to regulate the amount of light and weather. Family and friends love gathering under verandahs for shade on a hot summer day, for a BBQ, or for shelter from the rain in winter (Pets love verandahs for shelter and shade as well).

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