Parkdale Melbourne verandah - inner light

Choosing the right builder is perhaps the most important decision you can make during the entire custom home building process. Building your dream can be a highly satisfying experience or a very stressful nightmare depending on the builder you choose.

Similar to building your home, building a verandah, a patio or any extension to your home requires an experienced builder. A good custom home builder will walk you through every step of the building process, making sure that your project stays on time and is within your budget. The following are tips on choosing custom verandah builders in Melbourne;

Ask for recommendations from family members, friends and neighbours

Personal recommendations from people you know are usually sincere. These recommendations give you a starting point. Even a negative recommendation is important as it helps you identify who not to approach. If a family member, a friend or neighbor was satisfied with the work of a specific builder as far as building the verandah, the patio or the alfresco design is concerned, he or she will always recommend that builder to you.

Talk to previous clients about their experience

The best custom verandah builders will give you access to a list of completed homes and a list of previous clients that they have worked with. Use this list and contact some of the clients and ask them about their experience. You can even request to see a spec home or what the builder did for them. This will give you a better understanding of what the builder is capable of.

Check the verandah builders experience and credentials

Personal credentials are very important, but what separates the best custom home builders with a keen interest in verandahs, patios and alfresco designs from a cowboy builder, is very much down to experience. Ensure that the builder is experienced specifically with the type of patio or verandah you want to build. You can do this by checking the builder’s track record and the years the builder has been in the industry. For better results, you should choose a builder with at least 10-15 years of experience.

Check out the homebuilder’s reputation

An individual’s reputation helps in establishing whether the person can be trusted or not and also ensures that you can have a working relationship with the person. Always go for a builder who you can easily work with, well established and trusted. This also ensures that you get the most from your money.

Interview key trade partners and suppliers

Professional custom builders provide access to different trade partners and suppliers they work with on a regular basis. These trade partners or suppliers can be a great source of vital information about the builder. Custom builders who have a good reputation with their trade partners and suppliers are easy to work with and are more productive.

In conclusion, if you are looking for custom home builders or verandah builders in Melbourne, consider using the above tips on finding one that will meet all your personal needs and specifications. A good builder will go an extra mile to understand your unique needs, tastes and preferences and make sure that they are all taken into account in every step of the building process.